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Web Mystery

Hello, my name is Andrey, and this is my personal blog. At the very beginning of my career, I called "Web mysteries" things behaviour of which I couldn't explain. As it came with experience, everything happens for a reason - you just need to take more time on learning, debugging or googling the issue. This blog was initially meant to explain such "mysteries" and save time of the readers, but in fact contains general articles split into 3 categories: Front End, Drupal and Tools. Welcome!

Advanced Surveys on a Drupal website with Lime Survey

Limesurvey and Drupal

Today we are going to be talking about creating advanced surveys. When it comes to surveys on a Drupal website, most of people would think about using the Webform module.

Applying discounts on certain product types with Drupal Commerce

Drupal discount on product types

Drupal Commerce allows setting up sort of discounts out of the box using Commerce Pricing Rules. This feature is available once you enable Product Pricing UI sub-module, and some of the default pricing rules require having Tax UI enables as well.

Sending responsive HTML emails with Zurb Ink and MailChimp

How to send responsive emails

There's always a lot of beautiful emails in morning inbox - you know, those, with colorful images, green sight-attracting buttons, offering great deals and discounts that expire just a couple of hours.