Blog Articles about Drupal CMF

Drupal is a powerful CMF written in PHP which allows to create complex website for non-technical people without having to write a single line of code. Such flexibility comes with a price - internally, Drupal is very complicated. In this section, you will find posts about both Drupal site building and coding issues.

Blog’s revival. Angular 7 and Server-Side Rendering

Angular blog - bad indexing

Finally, after a bit of intense work, the Web Mystery blog has been updated to the latest version of Angular with Server-Side Rendering support. This will allow search engines to index pages more effectively and hopefully will bring the website back to Google.

Drupal and Vtiger CRM integration modules

Drupal and Vtiger integration

The first version of the Vtiger CRM module for Drupal has been finally released. It contains basic integration features and currently supports one-side import (from Drupal to Vtiger). The module set is divided into several submodules that include separated pieces of functionality.

How to Build a RESTful API for a Front-end Framework with Drupal 7

Building Drupal Rest API

JavaScript frameworks gained big popularity during the last few years, and some people truly believe that server-generated front-end is no longer an option.

How to Set up a Custom Drupal Commerce Payment Method and Restrict it for a Certain User Role

Drupal commerce custom payments

Hello there! Sorry for not writing for so long, had been quite busy for the last couple of weeks. Yesterday I had a task to set up a sort of cashless payment method for a certain users and generate monthly reports for orders made with this payment method.

Drupal Development with Vagrant and VDD on Windows: Getting Started

Vagrant Drupal Development

For a long time, I was working with OpenServer, a WAMP stack, which is actually good for a beginner. As my understanding of development details grew, the limitations and incompatibilities of Windows were becoming more and more annoying.

Commerce Order Reminder – send automatic reminders of uncompleted orders on your Drupal website

Commerce Order Reminder module

Commerce Order Reminder is my first full project at that sends automatic email reminders of the orders that have not been completed.

Advanced Surveys on a Drupal website with Lime Survey

Limesurvey and Drupal

Today we are going to be talking about creating advanced surveys. When it comes to surveys on a Drupal website, most of people would think about using the Webform module.

Applying discounts on certain product types with Drupal Commerce

Drupal discount on product types

Drupal Commerce allows setting up sort of discounts out of the box using Commerce Pricing Rules. This feature is available once you enable Product Pricing UI sub-module, and some of the default pricing rules require having Tax UI enables as well.

Sending responsive HTML emails with Zurb Ink and MailChimp

How to send responsive emails

There's always a lot of beautiful emails in morning inbox - you know, those, with colorful images, green sight-attracting buttons, offering great deals and discounts that expire just a couple of hours.