Web Development tools and services

There are plenty of great development tools to be found across the web. If you know how to use them, you spend less time one repeating tasks and eventually become more productive. Understanding such tools and settings them up might take much of your time though. The web tools section is meant to make learning easier and faster.

Running a Discord bot written in Deno in Docker

Docker bot in AWS

In the previous article, I explained how to create a simple Discord bot with Deno and run it locally. In a real-world scenario, we would like to keep our bot online 24/7, and a home computer is not the best choice for this purpose. Read on to find out how to run out bot in a Docker container in the AWS cloud.

Making a Discord bot with Deno and Discordeno

Discord bot with Deno

A few days ago, Deno was released, and I couldn’t resist to try it out. In a nutshell, Deno is a new secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime that supports importing modules from URLs (npm is no longer needed), has a flexible permission system, modern promise-based APIs and many more goodies.

Setting up Build Environment for Cordova (Android) Applications on Cent OS 7

Setting up Build Environment for Cordova

Sometimes, it becomes necessary to set up a Cordova build process on a Linux server – to let your colleagues make builds without doing any set up or make the built files available for download from the web.

How to switch between different Node.js versions on Linux

how to use nvm

Hi again. Few days ago, I tried to install a node.js framework and ended up with an error saying that my current node version did not fit the minimum requirements. Updating was not an option since it would break the compatibility with the project I'm currently working on.

Moving from Windows 8.1. to Ubuntu. Picking Software Alternatives

From Windows to Ubuntu

Hey, what's up? Sorry for my absence again, had many tasks to do again, but hope now I'll be post on my blog weekly.

Drupal Development with Vagrant and VDD on Windows: Getting Started

Vagrant Drupal Development

For a long time, I was working with OpenServer, a WAMP stack, which is actually good for a beginner. As my understanding of development details grew, the limitations and incompatibilities of Windows were becoming more and more annoying.

Sending responsive HTML emails with Zurb Ink and MailChimp

How to send responsive emails

There's always a lot of beautiful emails in morning inbox - you know, those, with colorful images, green sight-attracting buttons, offering great deals and discounts that expire just a couple of hours.