JavaScript and Front-end development

Browser functionality has been growing rapidly during last several years, and now we are able to build fully functional applications with JavaScript, HTML and CSS, which work on different platforms and do not depend on internet connection. I'm going to share my experience on building complex front-end applications in this section of the blog.

Contextual Menus in a Cross-Platform Electron Application

Context menu in Electron

Electron applications do not come with contextual menu out of the box. However, it is always a good idea to add a context menu to your project – it does bring more native look and feel.

Making customized (white label) builds of a Cordova application – Android

White label Cordova Application

Imagine that you are developing a super useful Android application (backed by Cordova or Ionic) and several your customers would like to have it. However, they want to put their logo and are willing to pay extra for this.

Making HTTP-request During React Server-Side Rendering on Electrode Platform

HTTP requests in Electrode app

Imagine a React application with SSR where you need to make an external HTTP request and set use its result as initial state.

Blog’s revival. Angular 7 and Server-Side Rendering

Angular blog - bad indexing

Finally, after a bit of intense work, the Web Mystery blog has been updated to the latest version of Angular with Server-Side Rendering support. This will allow search engines to index pages more effectively and hopefully will bring the website back to Google.

How to Make APNS Push Notifications in a Cordova iOS Application

Cordova iOS push notifications

It has been almost 2 years since I wrote this post about making push notification on Android with Google Cloud Messaging.

Adding WebRTC support to an iOS Cordova based application

WebRTC support to an iOS Cordova

Despite the recent rise of frameworks that utilize native UI, Cordova is still remaining one of the most popular and easy ways to build an Android or iOS application.

Creating a dynamically resizing textarea and wrapping it in an Angular 1 directive

Angular textarea resize directive

Hello! For some reason I have very little content about JavaScript and Angular JS on my blog, even though most of the code I currently write is exactly in this language and framework.

How to Make GCM Push Notifications in a Cordova Android Application

Push notification on Cordova app

I guess you know perfectly well how your smart-phone reacts to news emails, IMs or anything else that needs your attention. Typically, it's a sound notification followed by a message appearing on your phone's top bar (or even on lock screen on Android 5+ devices).

How to switch between different Node.js versions on Linux

how to use nvm

Hi again. Few days ago, I tried to install a node.js framework and ended up with an error saying that my current node version did not fit the minimum requirements. Updating was not an option since it would break the compatibility with the project I'm currently working on.

Sticky Headers with Pure JavaScript

Sticky headers with Javascript

At the end of the last week, I had another exciting task – implementing sticky headers within a scrollable element. Headers had to change dynamically when a user scrolls over the data back and forth.